This is the eigth volume of the 12-book Hong Kong Photographers series. Each volume presents an extensive portfolio of a photographer's work, accompanied by critical analysis and a unique look into the lives behind the camera. The present volume features the work of Julian Lee, late Hong Kong photographer, filmmaker, and visual artist. Works are divided into the following sections: 'Vanity fair', 'Law of Desire', 'Flesh and Soul', 'My Vanitas', and 'PantoneMine'.

'Movie stars from the 80s, from gay icon to decadent abandon; lonesome gaze on strangers and encounters; nude male a la Michelangelo; religious objects of spiritual redemption and desire; meditative landscapes after the photographer's cancer. A perfumed gala of visual senses from the Mishima look of Zhang Yi Mou to a phallic memento mori. The 102 photos in this retrospective transform the gallery into an empire of sensuality that defines the obsession of Julian Lee.' - from publisher's website

Includes artist biography.
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Hong Kong/China photographers

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Visionaire of Senses - Calvin HUI, 許劍龍

Part 1: Vanity fair - YU Dannshio

Part 2: Law of Desire - Travis KONG, 江紹祺

Part 3: Flesh and Soul - MAN Kitwah Eva, 文潔華

Part 4: My Vanitas - Julian LEE, 李志超

Part 5: PantoneMine - Julian LEE, 李志超

Hong Kong/China Photographers Eight: Julian Lee by Calvin Hui
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Hong Kong/China Photographers Eight: Julian Lee by Calvin Hui


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