Huajiadi is a neighbourhood at the northeast corner of Chaoyang District in Beijing. Even since 1990, Huajiadi has been a meeting point for artists from all over China. The artist residents of this neighborhood have represented one of the avant-garde art movements in China and have occupied a significant place in the Chinese art history of the 90s.

The present publication is a collection of the dialogues between Tang Xin and the artists of Huajiadi. The conversations were recorded as an attempt to understand the lives of these artists and the development of Chinese contemporary art since the 80s. These dialogues are present chronologically from 1979 to 2004, with a list of major social and political events that took place during the period.
(Huajiadi...Dialogues on the Development of Chinese Contemporary Art 1979-2004)
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Huajiadi...Dialogues on the Development of Chinese Contemporary Art 1979-2004, 花家地...1979-2004 中國當代藝術發展親歷者談話錄