Born in 1952 in Beijing (China), Huang Rui is one of the leaders of the famous "STARS MOVEMENT" (XING XING) where in 1979 thirty some protestors demanding artistic freedom opened the doors for the entire contemporary art emergence that is exploding in China today (other artists in this group include Wang Keping, Ma Desheng, Ai Weiwei etc.). The second exhibition of the Stars was held in 1980. In 1984, Huang exiled to Japan for more than 10 years. In 1989 "The Xing Xing 10 Years" exhibition in Hong Kong commemorated the ten years anniversary of the Stars movement. The Stars acts as a crucial landmark in the Chinese contemporary art history as it is the pioneer movement that leaded all future generations to artistic independency.

In 2002, Huang Rui moved to Beijing where he became the backbone behind Beijing's Factory 798 art's district where galleries, artist's atelier and performances now vibrate into a rich cultural exchange that is being talked about and oscillates worldwide. Huang Rui is a highly socially engaged artist who incorporates important political and historical references into his works, that include painting, installation, photography, and performance. He has a particular fascination with Chinese political slogans from the 1980s reform era, which, using tidy, controlled brushstrokes, are deliberately enlarged on stark white canvases. Nearly three decades since the formation of the Stars, and fifteen years since his return from self-exile in Japan, Huang Rui's works continue to be inextricably linked to the society that he lives in.

The present catalogue includes Huang's biography, a chronology of the artist's activities and key dates in Chinese history and art from 1976-1984.
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First (Re)View - Huang Rui's Early Art: Three Different Conversations

The Harvester of Space - to Huang Rui - Shigeo CHIBA, 千葉成夫

Huang Rui in the context of the Stars - LV Peng, 呂澎

Past Events and Present Existence: Gao Minglu and Huang Rui's Dialogue

Essential Search for Artistic Freedom: Huang Rui Talks about his Early Career: Britta Erickson and Huang Rui's Dialogue

Bliss was it in that Dawn to be Alive! - Michael SULLIVAN, 蘇立文

The Stars Talk About Their Work - LI Xianting, 栗憲庭

The Stars: Rebels of Modern Chinese Art - LI Xianting, 栗憲庭

Stars and Sparks and Flickers and Flutters - Ah Cheng

Arriere-pensee on an Avant-Garde: The Stars in Retrospect - Geremie R. BARME, 白杰明

When the 'Stars' Fell in China - Shigeo CHIBA, 千葉成夫

Manifesto of the Stars Art Exhibition - HUANG Rui, 黃銳

Preface to the Second Stars Art Exhibition - HUANG Rui, 黃銳

Record of a symposium with painters from the Stars group - Li Xianting (moderator)

The Development of the Stars (Xingxing) Artists, 1979-2000 - Silvia FOK, 霍少霞

Old Stories of the Stars - HUANG Rui, 黃銳

I hope that after the Stars fade away, the morning will be clear and bright - HUANG Rui, 黃銳

Not Stars, Not Art - HUANG Rui, 黃銳

Huang Rui: The Stars Times 1977-1984
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Huang Rui: The Stars Times 1977-1984