In-between International Community-initiated Art Space is part of IN-BETWEEN: International Conference-Exhibit Program on Independent Art Space. 'Its scope is not limtied to a conference doucment but to serve as an area for an on-going, in-depth, and multi-facet discussion on independent space with post-conference contributions by the participants.' (From the book)
Participating art groups and art workers of the aforementioned conference included: Zhang Zhaohui (Beijing), C.A.P. House (Kobe), Comuna de Pedra (Macau), Big Sky Mind (Manila), USEby-Asia Pacific Artist Initatives Project (Melbourne), TransEuropeHalles (Paris), Mains D'OEuvres (Saint-Ouen, France), Betti-Sue Hertz (San Diego), Loop Alternative Space (Seoul), Hyun-Mi Yoo (Seoul), BizArt (Shanghai), Substation (Singapore), Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taipei), Ichi IKeda Art Project (Tokyo/Kanagawa), Mercer Union (Toronto), Cemeti Art House (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), 1aspace (Hong Kong), Artist Commune (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Fringe Club (Hong Kong), Museum of Site (Hong Kong), Para/Site (Hong Kong), Videotage (Hong Kong), and Z+ (Hong Kong).

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Introduction: Interaction In-Between Community Initiatives and the Establishment - CHOI Yan Chi, 蔡仞姿

The Independent Wedge: A Brief History of Alternative Exhibition Spaces in the United States with Case Studies from New York City - Betti-Sue HERTZ

Asian Alterative Space: World Alternative City - LAM Hon Kin Andrew, 林漢堅

Art Scene and Art System - ZHANG Zhaohui, 張朝暉

BizArt in Shanghai: From Creative Experience to the Creation of an Independent International Art Centre - Davide QUADRIO, 樂大豆

The Door is Not Yet Open: What Does Artist Village(s) Mean to Hong Kong? - Howard CHAN, 陳沛浩

Black Sheep: An Ode to My Generation - Ringo BUNOAN

Space Passion and the Independent Art Space in Singapore - Audrey WONG

Art is an Unstable System: Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta Indonesia - Mella JAARSMA

Alternative Space Loop - SUH Jinsuk, 서진석

The Cultural Policy of Kobe City - Masahito HATANAKA, 畑中正人

Art Spaces in Kobe and the Kansai Area - Hisako HARA, 原久子

Factories of the Imagination - Fazette BORDAGE

Art Spaces and Support for the Arts in Canada - Natalie DE VITO - Thea DEMETRAKOPOULOS

The Alternative Network is Flowing - Ichi IKEDA, 池田一

Artist Run Spaces in Melbourne and the USEby Asia Pacific Artist Initiatives Project - HUPPATZ D.J.

In-Between / Space Traffic: Premising Art in Hong Kong - Alice Mingwai JIM - Norman Jackson FORD, 傅德明

Seeking Partnership with Government - CHEUNG Mei, 張薇

The Two Phases of Independent Art Space Development in Hong Kong - Mei CHEUNG - LAI Crystal, 黎曼姿

In-Between: International Community-initiated Art Space
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In-Between: International Community-initiated Art Space, 遊走於國際民辦藝術空間