1) 1 slide: Two Gunshots at their installation Dialogue, 'China/Avant-Garde Art Exhibition', The National Gallery, Beijing, 1989.

2) 1 unpublished book: 《對話》 (Dialogue), dated March 2006, 110 pages.

3) 1 unpublished book: 1989年在北京中國美術館槍擊作品《對話》 的說明(修訂稿),no date. (Chinese, 80 pages.)

4) a collection of news reportage from various sources about the artist's work in the 'First Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition' in Beijing, 1989:
4.1 - 4.8 Media in China
4.9 - 4.14 International media

5) 1 article written by Gao Minglu, published in 《傾向》, p.43-76.

6) 1 article excerpt from Zhongyaode Bushi Yishu written by Li Xianting, p.245-265 & p.434-435.

7) 1 article: 槍聲:首屆中國現代藝術展,written by 三石,雷子,no source, no date, p.4-11.

8) 1 article: 現代藝術展59小時 by 陳西林,高博燕, no source, no date. (Chinese, 2 pages)

9) excerpt from A History of China Modern Art 1979-1989 by Lu Peng & Yi Dan. p.342-346.

10) book chapter ' 精神幻象‘ from 《獨自叩門》 by 尹吉男, p.214-243.

11) printout of discussions from in May 2004. (19 pages, Chinese)
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