This book features the Chinese emerging artist Jia Aili and his first solo exhibition 'Good Morning, World!' at a non-profit art institution, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal of He Xiangning Art Museum, July to August 2010. It is also part of 'Youth OCAT' project organised by OCT Contemporary Art Terminal. Centring on the creative process of We Come From the Century - a five-panel mural of 15 metres wide - since the winter of 2008, Good Morning, World! invites the audience on a journey of the artist's inner world during the past two years. Also featured are the artist's key works from 2007 to 2010, including Untitled (2010) - triptych created for the show, Nameless Day 1 (2007), The Wasteland (2008), Mickey's Redemption (2009), and many others.

The exhibition and the accompanying catalogue attempts to provide a comprehensive picture of Jia's artistic development, by revealing corresponding notes, photographs and sketches, together with his art-making tools. Includes essays, interview and artist biography.


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jia ai li: zao an, shi jie!

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Painting as Existence | 作為存在的繪畫 - WU Azure, 吳蔚
We Come from the Century | 我們來自世紀 - JIA Aili, 賈藹力
Studio/Painting | 畫室/事 - JIA Aili, 賈藹力
World | 世界 - JIA Aili, 賈藹力
Interview with Jia Aili | 賈藹力訪談 - James ELAINE
A Walk in the World of Jia Aili | 走進賈藹力的世界 - Karen SMITH
Jia Aili: Good Morning, World!
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Jia Aili: Good Morning, World!, 賈藹力:早安,世界!