This is a video compilation of a variety of performance art works over the years by Lee Wen. Lee, born in Singapore of Chinese descent, now works internationally while based between Singapore and Tokyo. Ever wary that watching a video documentation is never the same as that of the live presentations, the works have been edited and selected as a representation of Lee's diversity in working under shifting contexts and a conscious response to the local conditions.

Disc contents:
1) Journey of a yellow man no.3: desire, Singapore 1993 (4:29)
2) Neo-Baba: the ultimate business of business, Poland 1995 (4:33)
3) Ghosts-Stories, Mexico 1997 (8:27)
4) Ping-pong Go Round, Australia 1998 (1:12)
5) Lifeboat no.3, Sri Lanka 2001 (4:47)
6) Which Water you come from? Hanoi, Vietnam 2004 (10:21)
7) Give Peace A Chance: Redux, Singapore 2006 (6:58)

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Li wen zuo pin shi pin

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LEE Wen, 李文

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LEE Wen: Documentations of Performances on Video
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LEE Wen: Documentations of Performances on Video, 李文作品視頻