Catalogue of published on the occasion of Japan's participation in the 52nd Venice Biennale. Featuring works by artist Masao Okabe using his renowned frottage technique, the exhibition is an attempt to consider, from the perspective of art, the possibilities and conditions for carrying humanity's past into the future. Frottage is a method of capturing images and textures by laying paper on an object and rubbing over it with a pencil. The exhibition centers around 1,400 frottages taken from the platform of the former Ujina train station, previous army assembly area and staging point near the port of Hiroshima, and a 16-meter row of stones from the platform that were exposed to the atomic bomb. Also on display are film negatives of the frottage images in lightboxes, and plant samples embedded in an iron grid covering the walls of the pavilion. Artist biography is provided in the catalogue.
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Question's Form Vanishes: The Loss of Physical Testimony - Masao OKABE, 岡部昌生
Is There a Future for Our Past? - Chihiro MINATO, 港千尋
Masao Okabe: Is There a Future for Our Past? The Dark Face of the Light
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Masao Okabe: Is There a Future for Our Past? The Dark Face of the Light