'In the autumn of 2000 an exhibition titled Minimalism and After was conceived for the Daimler Art Collection as one of the focal points of its long-term acquisition planning. The aim was to position formally reduced visual concepts and geometric abstraction as artistic phenomena alongside classic Minimal art and to no longer regard developments in Europe and America as strictly separate.
This expanded and revised edition of the 2006 original publication features forty additional artists, presenting approximately 500 works by 190 artists in in-depth monographs, and a new essay summarizing the century-long development of abstract art from Adolf Hoelzel’s 1906 class at the Stuttgart Academy to the present.' - from publisher's website.

Includes detailed descriptions of each artist featured. 

Please note that only Asian artists are listed.
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Tradition und Tendenzen minimalistischer Kunst von 1950 bis heute | New Acquisitions for the Collection 2000 to 2010 | Neuerwerbungen für die Sammlung 2000 bis 2010 | Daimler Art Collection

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Second, Revised Edition

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Minimalism and After: Ausstellungsreihe und Sammlungsperspektive / Minimalism and After: The Exhibition Series and Our View of the Collection - Renate WIEHAGER
100 Jahre Geschichte der Abstrakten Avantgarden aus der Perspektive der Daimler Kunst Sammlung / 100 Years of the Abstract Avant-Garde Seen Through the Eyes of the Daimler Art Collection - Renate WIEHAGER
Minimalism and After: Tradition and Tendencies of Minimalism from 1950 to the Present
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Minimalism and After: Tradition and Tendencies of Minimalism from 1950 to the Present