This is a monograph by Mingsheng LEE.

Lee's 'Action Art' communicates the message through the body. Art cannot be separated from life. It is not a supplement, nor an alibi, but an existence itself. Aesthetics does not become an end in itself. Art comes as poverty, privation, strain, danger, as close to life as life is to itself. And while the sign is realized completely in the form of the body itself, completely bound to itself, it is a sign of distress.

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The Burdened Body: Lee Ming-Sheng's 'My Body My Art' - Paul GOOD
Art Without Alternatives, Between East and West - Achille BONITO OLIVA
Criticism and Redemption: A Discussion of Lee Ming-Sheng's Work - HUANG Haiming, 黃海鳴
Lee Ming-Sheng: From an Upward Perspective: Without Limit, Endless Height. - LEE Mingsheng, 李銘盛
Mr. Microphone: Lee Ming-Sheng - MI-TZOU
Tree Person - Monica DEMATTE
My Body My Art: Lee Ming-Sheng 1981-1995
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My Body My Art: Lee Ming-Sheng 1981-1995