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My City, My (Our) Creation- The Works of Carl Cheng Chi Ming / 我城我(地)的創作

- TANG Ying Chi Stella, 鄧凝姿

The End of Accumulation / 累積的終極

- CHENG Chiming Carl, 鄭志明

A Landmark in the Act of Disappearing—The Guardian of Sik On Street / 消失中的地標—適安術的守護神

- CHOI Wingsze Alice, 蔡穎思

Legends along Sik Ok Street / 沿適安街之「傳說」

- YU Keikei, 余琦琦

Conversation of Yim Wai Wai, Blues Wong and Carl Cheng: Going beyond Perceiving the World only through the Eyes / 嚴惠蕙, 黃啟裕, 鄭志明對談——衝破單靠眼睛接收世界

Conversation of Carol Lee, Alice Choi and Carl Cheng: Destined for Art / 李美娟, 蔡穎思, 鄭志明對談——藝術的緣

Conversation of Freddie Hai, Ian Fong and Carl Cheng: Opening a Diccult Book on the City / 解端泰, 方浩然, 鄭志明對談——打開城市這本難讀的書

Lust Lies under Dust / 慾望, 塵土下

- CHOI Wingsze Alice, 蔡穎思

High Heels and the Tower of Babel / 高跟鞋與巴別塔

- CHOI Wingsze Alice, 蔡穎思

One Step Forward = One Step Backward? / 進一步=退一步?

- FONG Hoyin, 方浩然

On the Work of Carl Cheng / 察鄭志明的作品

- CHEUNG Waiting Stephanie, 張慧婷

After Self-articulation and the Search for Identity / 自我表述與身分認同之後

- LAI Minghoi Victor, 黎明海
Nothing to Value: Carl Cheng Chi Ming
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Nothing to Value: Carl Cheng Chi Ming, 始無 有終—鄭志明