This is the exhibition brochure of 'One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Us and Institution, Us as Institution', which takes the artist-institution relationship as a point of departure and explores artists' commitment to questioning given values within the art system and larger social context. Divided into sections that resemble smaller group exhibitions, it looks at the complexities of institutional critique through individual works, specific movements, and collectives from various social moments and localities, and the artist's position to act or not to act as agents of critique. 

Includes biographies of artists and contributors.

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Jin yi bu tui liang bu - wo men yu ji gou / wo men zuo wei ji gou

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Biljana CIRIC

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Us and Institution / Us as Institution | 進一步, 退兩步- 我們與機構 / 我們作為機構

- Biljana CIRIC
Artist at Work (1978): Mladen Stilinović | 工作中的藝術家 (1978): 姆拉登.斯蒂林諾維奇 - Branka STIPANCIC
Slogans (1981): Mladen Stilinović | 口號 (1981): 姆拉登.斯蒂林諾維奇 - Branka STIPANCIC
Cao Chong'en (an interview) | 曹祟恩 (採訪)
Picasso in Palestine (2011): Khaled Hourani | 畢加索在巴勒斯坦 (2011): 卡雷.侯拉尼 - Biljana CIRIC
The Bomb Ponds (2009): Vandy Rattana | 炸彈池塘 (2009): 范迪.熱塔那
Don't Give Money to the Arts (1995): Tang Da Wu | 不要資助藝術 (1995): 唐大霧 - HO Tzu Nyen, 何子彥
Untitled (Rebuilt) (2013) (interview): Chitti Kasemkitvatana | 無題(重建) (2013): 切提.卡塞齊瓦塔納 (採訪)
4x4 Episodes of Singapore Art (2005): Ho Tzu Nyen (interview) | 4x4: 新加坡藝術四部曲 (2005): 何子彥 (採訪)
Redza Piyadasa | 雷薩.皮亞達薩 - HO Tzu Nyen, 何子彥
Sing! (1980): Mladen Stilinović | 唱! (1980): 姆拉登.斯蒂林諾維奇
Art Workers Coalition (1969-1971) | 藝術工作者聯盟 (1969-1971) - Amara ANTILLA
Black December (1974) & New Art Movement (1975-1979): Interview with FX Harsono | 黑色十二月與新藝術運動: 胡豐文訪談
Give More than You Take (2010-2013): Pratchaya Phinthong | 付出多於收穫: 帕恰亞.菲因逢
Xiamen Dada | 廈門達達 - Biljana CIRIC
Away from Art Museum (1988) | 躲避美術館計劃 (1988) - HUANG Yong Ping, 黃永砅
A Room With Nothing to Do (2012): Lee Wen (Interview) | 無所事事的房間 (2012): 李文 (訪談)
Things to Do - The everyday as institutional critique (2006 - ongoing) | 待辦事項 - 以日常作為機構批判 (2006 - 持續至今) - Judy Freya SIBAYAN
Public Statement (2010 - ongoing) | 公開宣言 (2010 - 持續至今) - Gulf Labor
An Artist who cannot Speak English is no Artist (1992): Mladen Stilinović | 不會說英語的藝術家不是藝術家 (1992): 姆拉登.斯蒂林諾維奇 - Branka STIPANCIC
Magiciens de la Terre (1989): Interview with Jean-Hubert Martin | 大地魔術師: 策展人讓-于貝爾.馬爾丹訪談
Portrait of Prince Gong (1860): Felice Beato | 恭親王肖像照 (1860): 菲利斯.比亞圖 - Biljana CIRIC
Untitled (Chinese Writing Brush) (2009-2013): Wang Xingwei (interview)| 無題(中國毛筆) (2009-2013): 王興偉 (訪談)
Praise of Laziness (1993) | 懶惰頌 (1993) - Mladen STILINOVIC
Circle (Yuan) (1984 - ongoing): Yu Youhan (interview) | 圓 (1984 - 持續至今): 余友涵 (訪談)
For the Sake of Arguing (2013): Duan Jianyu (interview) | 杠 (2013): 段建宇 (訪談)
The Definitive ABC of Government (1999), The Definitive ABC of Ethnography (1999): Wong Hoy Cheong (interview) | 治國ABC定本(1999), 民族志ABC定本(1999): 黃海昌 (訪談)
2084 (a science fiction show) episode 1 (2012) | 2084(科幻劇)第一章 - Pelin TAN, Anton VIDOKLE
(untitled article: Dear Art) | (無題文章: 親愛的藝術) - Mladen STILINOVIC
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Us and Institution / Us a Institution
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Us and Institution / Us as Institution, 進一步, 退兩步- 我們與機構 / 我們作為機構