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This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition under the same title. The exhibition was held at Lalit Kala Akademi, Rabindra Bhavan Galleries, from December 1977 to January 1978.

'[...] in an art situation that appears to be so diffuse - without any 'schools' or movements as we understand them in the West - a survey of the approaches to pictorial space will help sift the scene at a basic level, and to discern distinct clusters, or natural groupings of artists on the basis of true affiliations.' (excerpt from the text by curator Geeta Kapur in the catalogue)

According to Geeta Kapur, the 46 participating artists of different generations represent a good cross-section and are significant examples of Indian art. They are divided into four sections that represent what Kapur considers to be some of the natural groupings: 'Surface Configuration: Marks, Motifs, Geometry', 'Apparitions', 'The Horizon', and 'Situation: Scenario: Dramatic Projection'.

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Pictorial Space: A Point of View on Contemporary Indian Art
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Pictorial Space: A Point of View on Contemporary Indian Art