'This special issue explores the significance of collectivism in modern and contemporary Japanese art. Japanese artists banded together throughout the twentieth century to work in collectives, reflecting and influencing each evolution of their culture. Illuminating the interplay between individual and community throughout Japan’s tumultuous century, the contributors to this issue examine both the practical internal operations of the collectives and the art that they produced.' - from journal's website.

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Collectivism in Twentieth-Century Japanese Art: A Special Issue

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Introduction: Collectivism in Twentieth-Century Japanese Art with a Focus on Operational Aspects of Dantai

- Reiko TOMII, 富井玲子
'Art Is Something born': The Rise and Fall of the Kokuga Society (1918-28) and teh Emergence of the Kokuten Style - John SZOSTAK
New Art Collectives in the Service of the War: The Formation of Art Organizations during the Asia-Pacific War - Maki KANEKO
Jikken Kobo and Takiguchi Shuzo: The New Deal Collectivism of 1950s Japan - Miwako TEZUKA, 手塚美和子
Gutai Chain: The Collective Spirit of Individualism - Ming TIAMPO, 蔡宇鳴
Performance Collectives in 1960s Japan: With a Focus on the 'Ritual School' - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児
Authority, Autonomy, and the Early Taisho 'Avant-Garde' - Alicia VOLK

A Woman and Collectives: An Interview with Tabe Mitsuko

Positions: Asia Critique (Vol.21 No.2 Spring 2013)
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Positions: Asia Critique (Vol.21 No.2 Spring 2013)