'Long-bin Chen's majestic works are inextricably tied to issues central to contemporary society: his sculptural forms are fashioned out of the cultural debris of our information society - discarded reading materials. Through the skillful manipulation of a buzz saw, out-of-date books, newspapers, magazines and computer paper are transformed into art works that from a distance look like wood or marble. But his seemingly monumental forms are ironically built of paper, and on close inspections, the reading materials that fit together like the pieces of puzzle can be dismantled to their original form. Although the finish of the pieces is smooth and polished like stone, the sculptures can be riffled like a book and the printed texts and illustrations magically appear. The content of the reading materials informs the works with various connotations.' - extracted from essay by Patricia Eichenbaum Karetzky. The present monograph features Chen's Kids Project, Buddha: Brazil Project, and works created between 1993 and 2006. With foreword by Laura Thompson, interview by Fu Chia-Wen Lien, and artist biography.
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Long-Bin Chen: 'Content in Forms' - Patricia EICHENBAUM KARETZKY
Reading sculpture 2003-2006: Long-Bin Chen
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Reading sculpture 2003-2006: Long-Bin Chen