Catalogue of solo exhibition by Yue Minjun at He Xiangning Art Museum in 2006. Curator Feng Boyi wrote, 'I think that what is most characteristic of Yue Minjun's creative ideas and his language is the way in which his works manage to demonstrate the spirit of the age. Yue Minjun's works have always presented a multiple arrangement of characters: each invariably the same, with a bald head, exaggerated limbs, a laughing mouth, and a dense row of tiny white teeth. These images have become a symbolic feature of his work. The context for his ideas derives from a characteristic element of so-called modern industrial civilization with its emphasis upon standardization, repetition and reproduction.' Artist biography is provided in the catalogue.
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To Be Is Just Absurd: The Art of Yue Minjun - FENG Boyi, 馮博一
Yue Minjun by Himself - YUE Minjun, 岳敏君
Reproduction Icons: Yue Minjun Works, 2004-2006
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Reproduction Icons: Yue Minjun Works, 2004-2006, 復制的偶像: 岳敏君作品 2004-2006