This is an anthology of writings by Swedish curator Maria Lind, who has written extensively in the international contemporary art scene. 

'Working in a number of contexts and capacities has shown Maria Lind to be a curator who, over time, has engaged in a rethinking of the art institution and the formats and methodologies connected with it, taking art itself as a starting point. Following on the various endgames outlined by institutional critique, Lind has forged paths out of hegemonic institutional regimes precisely by identifying other ways of working through them, from both inside and outside.
For Lind, writing is integral to her curatorial work. It is where she accounts for her decisions, explains her intention, justifies her interest, toys with new possibilities and develops new ideas, and recognizes historical precedents. It is where the craft of curating, already pointed out towards a public, finds another channel of articulation.
Selected Maria Lind Writing brings together twenty-two essays selected by Beatrice von Bismarck, Ana Paula Cohen, Liam Gillick, Brian Kuan Wood, and Tirdad Zolghadr.
The collection of essays spanning from 1997 to 2010 forms a tapestry of Lind's own interweaving interests, but also of those of a panel of readers invited by Lind to project their own concerns onto her corpus of writing. Essays on individual artists, monographic and group exhibitions, funding structures, new contexts and spatial paradigms, together comprise a rare opportunity to swivel a spotlight on its axis back towards a figure who always tries to aim it at what really matters.' - from Publisher's website.

Includes an extended biography of Lind.
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Chapter headings
Section 1: Expanded Field
Selected Nodes in a Network of Thoughts on Curating (2001)
Quasi-Objects in Time and Space (2010)
The Discursive Sculpture (1999)
The Curatorial (2009)
Section 2: Reflexivity Here and Now
The Future is Here (2007)
Models of Criticality (2003)
Kitchens (2009)
Actualisation of Space: The Case of Oda Projesi (2004)
RSVP, or: What Rhythm, Scale and Format Can Do with Art (2002)
Section 3: Working Together or Not
Other Reality Principles, Other Fantasies (2008)
Notes on Contemporary Art in a Relative Periphery (2001)
The Collaborative Turn (2007)
Section 4: Art and Artists
Stopping my Process: A Statement (1997)
Extension in Time: Survey Exhibition with Christine Borland at Kunstverein München, April 2002 - July 2003 (2002)
Learning from Art and Artists (2001)
Giving Body, Giving Voice: On the Work of Deimantas Narkevičius, Mindaugas Šimkus, and Peter Watkins (2002)
Fade Away: On the Work of Philippe Parreno (2004)
Section 5: Embeddedness
European Cultural Policies 2015: A Report with Scenarios on the Future of Public Funding for Contemporary Art in Europe, Introduction (2005)
Telling Histories: Archive/Spatial Situation/Case Studies/Talk Shows/Symposium (2004)
Conversation between Maria Lind and Apolonija Šušteršič (1999)
Exchange & Transform (Arbeitstitel), Notes along the Way (2002)
What If: Art on the Verge of Architecture and Design (2000)
Selected Maria Lind Writing
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Selected Maria Lind Writing