‘The first impression of Shen’s works is that it is monotonous, undenotable, chaotic, dizzying and unintelligible. They require you to look but show you nothing ― a single colour (black, red, blue or even white), a network of criss-crossing lines, leaflike ribs and splitting fibres… But if you step back a bit, you are soon struck by the wall-like appearance of the coloured layers… This part of Shen Fan’s work takes on a structural bas-relief effect.’ – Wu Liang. The essays in this monograph offer an insightful study of Shen Fan’s works during the early 1990s. A short biography of the artist is included.
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The World of Shen Fan - WU Liang, 吳亮
Shen Fan - Dieter RONTE
One View of Beauty Perhaps (in English and Simplified Chinese only) - XIAO Kaiyu, 蕭開愚
Shen Fan
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Shen Fan, 申凡