This is a proceeding of the symposium, entitled "Space Traffic: Artist-run Spaces Beyond a Local Context" co-organised by Para/Site (Hong Kong), Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong) and West Space (Australia) in December 2001. Through the symposium, issues, problems and possibilities regarding alternative art spaces are investigated, and direct dialogues between different art space of this kind across Asia are made possible.
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Art Publication: The First Step to Theorize Hong Kong Contemporary Art - TSANG Takping Kith, 曾德平
Plastique Kinetic Worms - Vincent LEOW
Why We Export Bunk Beds? - The G.U.N. Ladies
What Those Pieces of Used Clothing Really to Me - Desiree Pelayo CALUZA
Painting the Cultural Skyline of Baguio - Desiree Pelayo CALUZA
Minding Your Own Business - Part A - Robert HOLLINGWORTH
Minding Your Own Business - Part B - Steve ELAND
From the Days of Guerrillas to the Days of Base (an abstract) - QIU Zhijie, 邱志傑
Old Wine - New Bottle: Revisited? - Elaine W. NG, 伍穎瑜
Me You - Hank BULL
Peripheries - Santiago BOSE
United - A Project in the Making - Sofie SWEGER
In-Between: From Oil Street to Cattle Depot - CHOI Yanchi, 蔡仞姿
Instant Coffee - Ryan BIGGE
Making the Scene (But Playing on the Outside) - Brett JONES
Multiple Relations in One Creative Wave - CHEN Huichiao, 陳慧嶠
Japanese Art Situtation (an abstract) - Yoshiaki KAIHATSU, 開発好明
Now/Forward - Kelly McKRAY
In-Between / Space Traffic: Premising Art in Hong Kong - Alice Mingwai JIM, 詹明慧
Thinking about 'Contemporary Asian Art': Some Reflections from SpaceTraffic - Joan KEE, 奇廷泫
Space Traffic and Networking - Brett JONES
A Glimpse of Artists' Spaces - Thoughts on Locality and Definition - CHAN Angela Yingki, 陳英琪
'artists don't write on left / artists don't write on right' - LEUNG Wanyee Janice, 梁允怡
(art) after words (of art) - who else is speaking? - YEUNG Yang, 楊陽
Space Traffic: Artist-run Spaces Beyond a Local Context
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Space Traffic: Artist-run Spaces Beyond a Local Context, 由本土至境外:藝術家自主空間


平衡、另類、還是無法類比? — 探討關於藝術家營運空間的文獻記載

平衡、另類、還是無法類比? — 探討關於藝術家營運空間的文獻記載

2013年6月28日 (星期五)

Space Traffic:由本土至境外─藝術家自主空間

Space Traffic:由本土至境外─藝術家自主空間

2001年12月7至9日 (星期五至日)

Shortlist | The Philippines
推介館藏 | 菲律賓
藝文 | 館藏推介

推介館藏 | 菲律賓

有關菲律賓當代藝術的各個面向 (只提供英文版)