'In 1998, there were few opportunities in Manila for young artists to exhibit experimental artworks. Surrounded by Water began as an alternative art space initiated by Wire Tuazon along the Manila East Road in Angono. Two years later, the space was moved to Edsa and subsequently to Cubao, before it closed in 2006. Throughout its six-years of active programming, Surrounded by Water established itself as the space for young artists to express themselves and to experiment without restraint. Apart from being an alternative art space, Surrounded by Water was also known as a collective of artists, many of whom went on to develop successful solo careers. ''Surrounded by Water, Over the Water" attempts to revisit Surrounded by Water as a space and as a collective. The nine artists now most associated with Surrounded by Water - Jonathan Ching, Mariano Ching, Lena Cobangbang, Louie Cordero, Geraldine Javier, Keiye Miranda, Mike Munoz, Yasmin Sison, and Wire Tuazon - come together to present new works, large and small. As a revisitation of Surrounded by Water as a space, there will be a presentation of documentary material on the history of the group.' (from the publisher's website)

Photographs from the exhibition, artist biographies, and commentaries by the curator included.
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Surrounded by Water: What are Artist's Galleries or Groups? - Tony GODFREY, 高逸遠

SBW Biographies

Jonathan Ching

Mariano Ching

Lena Cobangbang & Yasmin Sison

Louie Cordero

Geraldine Javier

Keiye Miranda

Mike Munoz

Yasmin Sison

Wire Tuazon

After SBW? - Tony GODFREY, 高逸遠

Surrounded by Water Over the Water
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Surrounded by Water Over the Water