Renowned Japanese photographer and performance artist Tatsumi Orimoto recreates Bread-Man, a street action he began in 1991. For his first performance in Hong Kong, he leads a large group of unique Bread-Men in a walk from Para/Site Art Space to Graham Street Market, Sheung Wan.

His performances are connected to the everyday experience of life. Through Bread-Man, he has created an alter ego that represents modern life and the difficulties of communicating in contemporary society. His corpus of works represents a profound existentialist preoccupation. Tatsumi Orimoto is himself a larger-than-life character, and Bread-Man is both tender and distant as it plunges us into the unknown through an object that evokes various memories and emotional responses.

This video features the Bread-Men performance on 16 Jan 2009.

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Tatsumi Orimoto Performance: Bread-Men
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Tatsumi Orimoto Performance: Bread-Men