This DVD-ROM documents the life work of Tehching Hsieh, and features posters, statements, photographs and videos of the following:

1) One Year Performance 1978-1979, Tehching Hsieh
2) One Year Performance 1980-1981, Tehching Hsieh
3) One Year Performance 1981-1982, Tehching Hsieh
4) Art/Life: One Year Performance 1983-1984, Linda Montano and Tehching Hsieh
5) One Year Performance 1985-1986, Tehching Hsieh
6) Tehching Hsieh 1986-1999

Includes an introduction by Steven Shapiro and an artist's chronology.

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HSIEH Tehching, 謝德慶

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artist statement/manifesto, 

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Tehching Hsieh: One Year Performance: Art Documents 1978-1999
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Tehching Hsieh: One Year Performance: Art Documents 1978-1999