This is the catalogue of the 1st Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, held in 1999 as a continuation of the 'Asian Art Show' which was held almost every five years since 1979. Under the theme 'Communication: Channels for Hope', this exhibition concentrates on artists who are interested in human relationships not only with the people who are close to them but in the society to which they belong, and who try to pioneer a creative channel for communication by using their original art expression.
Essays written by specialists in the field of contemporary art from the respective counrties complement our understanding of the development of art in these countries. Biographical information of the artists are provided.
The Faculty of Plastic Arts, Royal University of Fine Arts, Cambodia is one of the participants.
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The Commemorative Exhibition of the Inauguration of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum: The 1st Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 1999 (The 5th Asian Art Show)

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On the Exhibition Theme 'Communication: Channels for Hope' - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児

Communication/Community/Collaboration - Masahiro USHIROSHOJI, 後小路雅弘

The End of Globalisation?: Malaysian Art at the Close of the 20th Century - Niranjan RAJAH

Contemporary Art Scene of Myanmar - Terry LEE

Art Abroad: InterNational Communication - Ahmad MASHADI

Contemporary Art Scene in Thailand - Somporn RODBOON

Sketches on Vietnam Modern Fine Arts - LUU Yen

Art of Bangladesh: Contemporary Trends among the Artists of the 90's - Subir CHOUDHURY

Art of Bhutan - Mynak R. TULKU

Fresh Signs of Digression and Direction in Contemporary Indian Art - Roobina KARODE

Modern Contemporary Art: A View from Nepal - Uttam NEPALI

Looking Back; Looking Forward: Pakistani Art in 90's - Salima HASHMI

A Living Legacy: The Contemporary Art Scene of Sri Lanka - D.M. GUNARATNA

Towards a Self Formed by Communication-Generated Inner Dialogue - Hideki NAKAMURA, 中村英樹

A Touchstone to Create New Values in Asia - JUNG Junmo, 정준모

Communication for the Sake of the Arts of Asia - Toshio SHIMIZU, 清水敏男

Can 'Asian Art' Speak? - Shinji GOTO, 後藤新治

Criteria for the Selection of the Artists and Their Works - Somporn RODBOON

Note on Selection Process - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児

From the Scene of Investigation: Art Functioning in Real Society - Toshiko RAWANCHAIKUL, ラワンチャイクン寿子

Art Exchange in Fukuoka Triennale - Jin MATSUURA, 松浦仁

Contemporary Chinese Art - JIN Yuqing, 金毓清

Adventure of Communication in the Age of Stagnation - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児

Contemporary Korean Art in Pluralism and the Issue of 'Communication' - CHOI Eunju, 최은주

Fine Art in Mongolia - Today - Ochir SOSOR

Bright Prospects for the New Millennium: The Taiwanese Art Scene Present and Future - J.J. SHIH, 石瑞仁

The Contemporary Art Scene in Brunei Darussalam - Pg.Hj.Hashim Pg.Hj.Mohd.Jadid

Cambodian Contemporary Art: A Difficult Search for Foundation - Daravuth LY

In Search of a Politically Correct Work of Art - Jim SUPANGKAT

Lao Art: A Continuation from Tradition to Modern Life - Kanha SIKOUNNAVONG

The 1st Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 1999 (The 5th Asian Art Show)
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The 1st Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 1999 (The 5th Asian Art Show)