Video recording of the 4th DaDao Live Art Festival held at South Gate Space, Process Gallery and Creek Art in 798 Art Zone, Beijing from 1-5 October 2006. The following performances are included:

Part 2-1:
The Great Qin Opera Beijing Youth Group (China)
Feng Weidong & Tongue Band (China) - Blood Drops Killling
Heiyue/Ji Shengli (China) - Bum-123
Xiang Xishi (China) - Xifeng
Li Mengyuan (China) - Goldfish
Bai Chongmin & Wu Weihe (China) - Black Clouds
Wang Chuyu (China) - Write from Memory
Martin Molinaro (Argentina) - About the complexity of a "Double Tolico route" R (T). 2
Miao Peng (China) - Hui Living
Tse Wai Kee (Hong Kong) - The Source of Food, Agonizing Pain
Jane Jin Kaisen (Denmark) - Amnesia Ritual for Trans-born
Qing Shengming (China) - Counter-Clockwise of Anti-SHI Series
Lilia Scheerder (Netherlands) - Needle Symphony
Mok Chiuyu (Hong Kong) - Eliminating the (3) Evils
Man Yu (China) - Untitled
Judith Egger (Germany) - Endurance
Morgan O'Hara (USA), Cheng Fengzi & Dang Hao (China) - Live Transmission
Ng Fong Chao (Macau) - Between You and Me
Zhou Bin (China) - National Emblem
Ma Shang & Bi Xiaobo/Right-hander Group (China) - Re-examine

Part 2-2:
Lee Wen (Singapore) - Untitled
Monali Meher (India/Netherlands) - Old Fashioned
Xing Xin (China) - I'm Same with You
Chau Yeuk Chiu (China) - Blood Architecture
Pascale Grau (Switzerland) - Interiors
Reto Pulfer (Switzerland/Thailand) - Audience
Watan Wuma (Taiwan) - My Us
Ma Yanling & Wang Ningmi (China) - Female Writing
Yeh Yili (Taiwan) - KUSO: Spring Snow Comes
Cheng Shih-Chun (Taiwan) - Murmur of Living Dead Doll
Jeremy Hiah (Singapore) - Man Eat Man
Alan Schacher (Australia) - Diasporic Body
Kai Lam (Singapore) - Untitled (Fire Works)
Lennie Lee (UK) - You can't bury memories can you?
Inoue Rei (Japan) - The kitchen of sorrow for indifference
Yu Xinqiao (China) - Live Poetry
Richard De Domenici & Anthony Roberts (UK) - Untitled
Huang Rui (China) - Drink tea here: A Performance
Doreen Uhlig & Mirko Winkel (Germany) - Conference

Edited by Shu Yang, 2008.

Note: Only artists of Asian descent or those active in Asia are listed below.

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The 4th DaDao Live Art Festival 2006, 第四届大道現場藝術節