The term "Micropop" is coined by art critic Midori Matsui to describe the attitude or approach to life that creates a unique and original path of living or aesthetics by combining fragments gathered from various places, without relying on institutional morals or major ideologies. The Micropop attitude is shared by Japanese artists born in the late 1960s and the 1970s. The present publication together with the exhibition entitled ‘The Door into Summer - The Age of Micropop’ held at Art Tower Mito from February to May 2007 are intended to offer the viewers a comprehensive perspective of the concept of "Micropop". The book features works by artists who have played a central role in Matsui's development of the concept of "Micropop", together with essays by Matsui, artist biographies and installation views of ‘The Door into Summer’.
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Micropop Manifesto: What is Micropop
The Door into Summer: The Age of Micropop
10 Key points for Understanding the Age of Micropop
Special Talk about the Expression in the Age of Micropop: Keisuke Sakurai, Itaru Mita, Midori Matsui, M.C. Noriko Miyamura (in Japanese only)
Is There Life on Mars? - Douglas FOGLE
Midori Matsui's 'Micropop' - Tsukasa MORI, 森司
The Road to Micropop: A Supplementary Interview
The Age of Micropop: The New Generation of Japanese Artists
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The Age of Micropop: The New Generation of Japanese Artists


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推介館藏 | 日本

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