'This publication tells the story of photography via the history of the photobook, revealing the ways in which photographer's have influenced each other's work through their books, and consequently how their use of photography has developed over time. It features volumes by celebrated photographers ranging from William Henry Fox Talbot, Walker Evans and August Sander to Larry Clark and Nobuyoshi Araki, by way of Man Ray, Brassai and Christer Stromholm. Several innovative books by unknown and even anonymous photographers have also been included, offering an opportunity for readers to discover these exciting, overlooked works. 

The first of two extensive volumes, this publication explores more than 200 photobooks through 750 colour illustrations, detailed captions, and an illuminating text written by the photographer and critic, Gerry Badger. The books featured were selected by both Badger and the renowned contemporary photographer Martin Parr, whose passion for the photobook has made him a world authority on the subject. They have chose what they believe to be the most artistically and culturally important photobooks in the history of the medium.' (excerpts from front flap)

Includes select bibliography.
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Topography and Travel: The First Photobooks
Facing Facts: The Nineteenth-Century Photobook as Record
Photography as Art: The Pictorial Photobook
Photo Eye: The Modernist Photobook
A Day in the Life: The Documentary Photobook in the 1930s
Medium and Message: The Photobook as Propaganda
Memory and Reconstruction: The Postwar European Photobook
The Indecisive Moment: The 'Steam-of-Conciousness' Photobook
Provocative Materials for Thought: The Postwar Japanese Photobook
The Photobook: A History Volume I
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The Photobook: A History Volume I