'This second volume includes over 200 publications carefully selected by the renowned contemporary photographer, Martin Parr, whose passion for the photobook has made him a world authority on the subject, and the critic and curator Gerry Badger. All the books are accompanied by extensive commentaries by Badger and are illustrated as three-dimensional objects, providing a true sense of them as works in their own right. From Edouard-Denis Baldus's magnificent volume for the Paris-Lyon-Mediterranee Railways Company of 1861 to Geert van Kesteren's hard-hitting indictment of the war in Iraq, Why Mister, Why? of 2004, the authors have chosen what they believe to be the most artistically and culturally important photobooks ever made to create this comprehensive and visually exciting history of the medium.' (excerpts from front flap)

Includes select bibliography.
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Mirrors and Windows: The American Photobook since the 1970s
Common Market: The European Photobook since the 1980s
Other Territories: The Worldwide Photobook
Appropriating Photography: The Artist's Photobook
Point of Sale: The Company Photobook
Looking at Photographs: The Picture Editor as Author
The Camera as Witness: The 'Concerned' Photobook since World War II
The Duesseldorf Tendency: The New Objective Photobook
Home and Away: Modern Life and the Photobook
The Photobook: A History Volume II
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The Photobook: A History Volume II