'With a title of BEYOND: an extraordinary space of experimentation for modernization, this project focuses on the specific and extraordinary conditions of the Pearl River Delta (PRD), ranging from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and Macao. Undoubtedly, this region is one of the most special and original areas where modernisation has been experimented and experienced in unique conditions and forms. Our intention here is to turn this site into a playground for all kinds of artistic creations and to manifest the rich contexts of this place, to go beyond all boundaries...' - extracted from essay by Hou Hanru.

In addition to the 5 main exhibitions, the catalogue also includes information on Special Projects and Self-Organisation. The purpose of Special Projects is to reconsider and study the relationship between the local culture and reality, and to sort out the historic and cultural development of the PRD. Self-Organisation consists of projects by independent art organizations, institutions and communities. The program aims at finding out the historic line of the art experiments and practice conducted by these independent Chinese art organizations.

Images of works are accompanied by individual texts and artist biographies. With preface by Wang Huangsheng, Director of Guangdong Museum of Art.

Other participating artists include, Justin Bennett, Thomas Bayrle, Berlage Institute, Didier Faustino, Fischli & Weiss, Rem Koolhaas/Alain Fouraux, Armin Linke, MXDF/Titiana Bibao, Issac Julien, Doug Aitken, Jennifer Allora & Guilermo Calzadilla, Jimmie Durham, Multiplicity, Dan Graham, Gabriel Orozco, Philippe Parreno.

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Beyond: An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for Modernization - HOU Hanru, 侯瀚如
Canton Calling: Metabolism and Beyond - Hans Ulrich OBRIST
Beyond: Context, Subjects, and Strategies - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
The Second Guangzhou Triennial: BEYOND, An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for Modernization
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The Second Guangzhou Triennial: BEYOND, An Extraordinary Space of Experimentation for Modernization, 第二屆廣州三年展: 別樣, 一個特殊的現代化實驗空間


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2005年11月18日 (星期五)