'Contemporary art has explored such diverse registers of temporality as wasting and waiting, regression and repetition, deja vu and seriality, idleness and unrealized potential, non-consummation and counter-productivity, the belated and the premature, the disjointed and the out of synch - all of which go against sequential time and index slips in chronological experience. While theorists have proposed radical perspectives such as the "anachronistic"or "heterochronic" reading of history, artists have opened up the filed of time to the extent that the very notion of the contemporary is brought into the question.

Time is one of a series of documenting major themes and ideas in contemporary art.' - from back cover.

Including a bibliography and an index.
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We’re five hundred years before the man we just robbed was born - Amelia GROOM
The Shape of Time - George KUBLER
Never the Same River (Possible Futures, Probable Pasts) - Simon STARLING
Before the Image, Before Time: The Sovereignty of Anachronism - Georges DIDI-HUBERMAN
The Plural Temporality of the Work of Art - Alexander NAGEL, Christopher S. WOOD
This is Tomorrow (and Other Modernist Myths) - Elena FILIPOVIC
This is So Contemporary! - Amelia GROOM
Life and Death - Geoffery BATCHEN
Uji (Existence-Time) - Dogen ZENJI
A Time Apart - Paul CHAN, 陳佩之
Paul Chan’s The 7 Lights - Daniel BIRNBAUM
The Trouble with Timelines - Daniel ROSENBERG
Sticky Images: The Foreshortening of Time in an Art of Duration - Mieke BAL
Beyond Time - Michel SIFFRE
The Tyranny of the Clock - George WOODCOCK
A Minor History of Time without Clocks - Joshua FOER
The Refusal of Time - Peter L. GALISON
Still Being: A Conversation about Time in Art - Antony GORMLEY, Michael NEWMAN
Shells and Time - Italo CALVINO, Italo CALVINO
What is the Contemporary? - Giorgio AGAMBEN
A Step Out of Time: Sylvia Sleigh’s Extraordinary ‘History Pictures’ - Quinn LATIMER
Contradictions of Time: On Social Practice from a Temporal Perspective - Nato THOMPSON
When Time Becomes Form - Marina ABRAMOVIC
Thought of Duration - Adrian HEATHFIELD
Matter and Memory - Henri BERGSON
Intuition as Method - Gilles DELEUZE
Points of Suspension - Joachim KOESTER, Matthew BUCKINGHAM
The Technique of the Present - Jean-Luc NANCY
Some Times of Space - Doreen MASSEY
Recomposing the Digital Present - Timothy BARKER
Timeliness - Karen ARCHEY
Time Frame - Nancy SPECTOR
The Split of the Unconscious: 24-Hour Psycho - Philip MONK
A Note on the Time - Dexter SINISTER
The Theatre of Illusion - Hans BELTING
Clock Time - Rosalind KRAUSS
Slow (Fast) Modern - Yve-Alain BOIS
A New Refutation of Time - Jorge Luis BORGES
Comrades of Time - Boris GROYS
Sisyphus - Amelia GROOM
Science and the Humanities: The Case of Turner - Michel SERRES
Conversations on Science, Culture and Time - Michel SERRES, Bruno LATOUR
We Have Never Been Modern - Bruno LATOUR
After the Future - Franco BERARDI
In Free Fall: A Thought Experiment on Vertical Perspective - Hito STEYERL
Becoming … An Introduction - Elizabeth GROSZ
Women’s Time - Emily APTER
Towards a Futurology of the Present: Notes on Writing, Movement and Time - Marco CUEVAS-HEWITT
On Infinity - LEE Ufan, 이우환
Present Future - Brian DILLON
Plankton in the Sea: A Few Questions Regarding the Qualities of Time - Raqs Media Collective
Future Arrivals - Daniel BIRNBAUM
Marking Time - Rachel KENT
Geographies of Time - Trevor PAGLEN
The Joy of Space-Time and Other Fantasies - nova Milne
The Mildlister - Mark VON SCHLEGELL
The Dust Mite and the Widgets - Michael STEVENSON, Jan VERWOERT
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