'Nilima Sheikh’s art practice from 1969 to 2012 forms the subject of Trace Retrace. The book is structured in three parts: visual, discursive, and a combination of the two.
The largest narrative is visual – a selection from Nilima Sheikh’s paintings in diverse formats, chosen to signal the artist’s commitment to process, and to indicate the way her paintings slide into, work with and against each other, and propose a meandering seriality. The often extensive reproduction of details from these paintings introduces the unexpected, eliciting not only a flitting or looping gaze but also surprise.
The complexity of Nilima Sheikh’s art practice lends itself to other forms of engagement, as is evident in the second part of the book comprising three diverse readings: ‘Ruptures, Junctures, Returns: (un)lived histories, feminist propositions and Nilima Sheikh’ by Kumkum Sangari; ‘A Counter-Archive of Pain and Loss: Nilima Sheikh’s evolving Kashmir series’ by Ananya Jahanara Kabir; and ‘Passages in Reverie: Nilima Sheikh, modernity and the history of Kashmir’ by Kaushik Bhaumik.
The last section of the book indexes the range and diversity of Nilima Sheikh’s exhibited works, interleaved with the artist’s own voice in different tenors: autobiographical snippets, acknowledgements of her training and teachers, glimpses of her work methods and process, and meditations on her collaborative practice. These are dotted with quotations from texts that are significant to her: folk-songs, poems, stories. In this section, a cross-disciplinary intertextuality is repositioned as a coeval medium at once outside and inside Nilima Sheikh’s painted images, which not only adds a layer that extends beyond the art-historical frame but redeems the solitude of written words.' - from book flap.

List of 367 works which includes all her exhibited works in public and private collections, artist biography, and an open letter written by the artist in 1989 are provided.

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Ruptures, Junctures, Returns: (Un)lived Histories, Feminist Propositions and Nilima Sheikh - Kumkum SANGARI
A Counter-archive of Pain and Loss: Nilima Sheikh's Evolving Kashmir Series - Ananya Jahanara KABIR
Passages in Reverie: Nilima Sheikh, Modernity and the History of Kashmir - Kaushik BHAUMIK
Trace Retrace:  Paintings Nilima Sheikh
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Trace Retrace: Paintings Nilima Sheikh


大地並逐:與Nilima Sheikh對談
藝文 | 對話

大地並逐:與Nilima Sheikh對談

Nilima Sheikh 討論她在巴羅達工作室所應用的四種顏料之歷史和物質性

Image: Nilima Sheikh, <i>Sarhad 2</i> (detail), 2014. Tempera on Sanganer paper. Private Collection. Courtesy of the artist.
聚積典雅︰Nilima Sheikh談敦煌石窟
藝文 | 對話

聚積典雅︰Nilima Sheikh談敦煌石窟

Nilima Sheikh談及她在敦煌石窟的體驗以及該遺址對她作品的影響

Shortlist | Partition and the Art of South Asia
推介館藏 | 印巴分治與南亞藝術
藝文 | 館藏推介

推介館藏 | 印巴分治與南亞藝術

印巴分治對南亞視覺藝術與策展之影響 (只提供英文版)