The catalogue for Hong Kong's first participation in the Venice Biennial. Curated by Johnson Tzong-zung Chang, the exhibition, entitled Magic at Street Level, showcases the work of four artist who were selected on the basis of having "found their artistic voice within mundane life, transforming personal experiences with metaphysical speculation and the magic of imagination....extending the isolated exerience of modern life to connect with city space, (as well as) social and imaginative space." Leung, in collaboration with Wong, created pin-hole photographs of the sky showing a meeting of buildings from Hong Kong and Venice. These photographs were placed on top of tables in a cafe-like installation in the pavilion, where the audience were invited to sit, sip tea and induldge in the sky cookies created from the photographs. Ho Siu-kee, through a series of mock "laboratory" experiments re-examines concepts of Darwinism and Newtonian physics, while Ellen Pau investigates loneliness and places of contemplation in the city through two video works showing cameras focused on a strip of highway for 24 hours, stationary at first and finally swinging in a steady repetetive arc during the hours at dawn.
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Magic at Street Level - CHANG Tsongzung Johnson, 張頌仁
Recycling Cinema - Alice Mingwai JIM, 詹明慧
Venice- Hong Kong: Magic at Street Level (49th Venice Biennial)
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Venice- Hong Kong: Magic at Street Level (49th Venice Biennial), 香港威尼斯2001