This publication is produced to offer in-depth analyses of Chinese artist Wang Guangyi's works. A pioneer of what is known as Political Pop, an artistic phenomenon prominent during the early 1990s, Wang's works which manipulated famous commercial brand logos are now seen from a philosophical and psychoanalytical point of view. 
Offering cross-readings of Wang's imagery and classic critical texts such as Kant's and Lacan's, the texts included in this volume sheds slightly different light onto his works from those conventional in the art-critical world.

Individual works are accompanied by short passages of explanatory texts (Names of authors are listed in the field of people involved).

Includes a chronology complied by Wang Junyi and a biography of the artist.
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Chapter headings
Defying the Human and Humanizing the Divine. The Art of Wang Guangyi - Demetrio PAPARONI
Us - The Participants of the '85 New art Movement, 1986 - WANG Guangyi, 王廣義
Wang Guangyi Says, 1989 - Lizhan HU, 胡力展
On the Clearing Out of Humanist Passions, 1990 - WANG Guangyi, 王廣義
External Problems in Art - Wang Guangyi Answers a Reporter's Questions on his Participation in the Sao Paolo Biennial, 1994 - WANG Guangyi, 王廣義
On the Socialist Visual Experience, 2002 - Charles MEREWETHER
History of Criticism: Wang Guangyi's Art History, 2008 - LU Peng, 呂澎
Visual Political Science: Another Wang Guangyi, 2008 - HUANG Zhuan, 黃專
Wang Guangyi: A Pop Agitprop Aesthetic, 2009 - Jérôme SANS
My Recent Thoughts on Questions Concerning Art, 2009 - WANG Guangyi, 王廣義
Reasoning with Idols - Andrew L. COHEN
Dark Learning, Mysticism and Art. Wang Guangyi Interview Transcript, 2012 - YAN Shanchun, 嚴善錞
About Things-in-Themselves, 23.10.2012 - WANG Guangyi, 王廣義
Wang Guangyi: Works and Thoughts 1985-2012
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Wang Guangyi: Works and Thoughts 1985-2012