‘We did not see, we did not forget’ is about the most basic nature of the photographic process itself. When silver halides crystals on the surface of film negative are exposed to light, some silver ions will be able to break free from the compound. They are like undercover in a coup at this point. Only when photographic developer is added, they will show their true identity and rally every silver comrades to revolt, and they form what we call the image.

How about those who have never seen the light? They sit quietly and wonder what all the commotion is about. Once the revolution is over, they are being washed away into the fixer. They remain unchanged, indifferent, as if they were never there. Memories are preserved as images. Histories are passed along as records. The anonymous observers swim freely in the fixer.

By extracting discarded silver in fixer and turning them back into an image, I am building a memorial of the forgotten. It is with this material that I abstract memories of my mother, of my own childhood, as well as of the city I call home. -Description provided by Artist

English and traditional chinese versions of photozine available. 

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We did not see, we did not forget
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We did not see, we did not forget, 我們沒有看見,我們沒有忘記