Women of India: Colonial and Post-Colonial Periods is Part 3 of Volume IX in the volumes of History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization.

'The essays in this volume explore the operation of power and the resistance to it, the space that was denied to the disadvantaged gender-women-and the space they created for themselves, and the history of the mutual roles of women and men in colonial and post-colonial India. Eminent scholars on women's studies and reputed scientists, drawn from diverse disciplines and located in different parts of India, present themes that are crucial to the understanding and experience of gender in India. In so doing, they add to our historical knowledge and also, it is hoped, partly change our vision of Indian history. Taken as a whole, the essays raise our awareness of overt and hidden discriminations, and restricted options and possibilities for women's agency, while reminding us of the multiple ways in which women manage to survive and thrive despite familial, community and state neglect.' (excerpt from front flap)
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History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization Volume IX Part 3

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Section One: Family/ Law

Politicization of Personal Laws: A Study of Colonial India - Flavia AGNES

Legislating the Family in Post-Independence India - Patricia UBEROI

Reviewing Muslim Women and Marriage: A Preliminary Analysis of Survey Finding - Zoya HASAN, Rita Menon

Understanding the Dalit Feminist Identity - Gopal GURU

Section Two: Body/ Sexuality

Women, Health and Democracy: Deficit of Women in India - Leela VISARIA

Imagined Lovers: Ideology, Practice and Social Hierarchies - Prem CHOWDHRY

Friends and Lovers: Towards a Social History of Emotions in 19th and 20th Century Kerala - G. ARUNIMA

Violent Acts: Cultures, Structures and Retraditionalisation - Kumkum SANGARI

Section Three: Knowledge System

A Century and a Half's Journey: Women's Education in India, 1850s to 2000 - Aparna BASU

Women and Formal and Informal Science - Anil K. GUPTA, R.A. MASHELKAR

Women and Environment - Jayshree VENCATESAN, R.J. Ranjit DANIELS, Madhav GADGIL

Section Four: Work

Gendering Agrarian Issues: The Uttar Pradesh Experience - Smita Tewari JASSAL

Some Dimensions of Female Employment in India - Sudha DESHPANDE

Women Workers and Industrial Restructuring in Two Industries in Mumbai - Nandita GANDHI, Nandita SHAH

Women and Water: Relationships, Experiences, and Approaches - K.J. JOY, Suhas PARANJAPE

Women, Hunger, and Famine: Bengal, 1350/1943 - Parama JOY

Section Five: Creativity/ Voices

A Voice of Protest: The Writings of Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (1880-1932) - Bharati RAY

Women and Music: The Case of North India - Amlan DAS GUPTA

Reassembling the Modern: An Indian Theatre Map since Independence - Anuradha KAPUR

Women Artists of Rural India - Jyotindra JAIN

Women Patrons of Art and Architecture: The Case of Stepwells of Gujarat - Jutta JAIN-NEUBAUER

Section Six: Politics

Political Women: An Overview of Modern Indian Developments - Tanika SARKAR

Citizenship and its Discontents: A Political History of Women in Andhra - Vasanth KANNABIRAN, Kalpana KANNABIRAN

Is the Women's Movement on the Move? - Gabriele DIETRICH

Women of India: Colonial and Post-Colonial Periods
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Women of India: Colonial and Post-Colonial Periods


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