The first video (32:40) is a collection of exhibition opening scenes of Leung Mee-ping’s installation work (1995-1996); they are:
1. The work So Near Yet So Far (Letter Box installation), which was displayed in the exhibition Balanceakte held at the ifa-Galerie, Germany in 1995.
2. At the exhibition Restricted Exposure - Private Content: Public View at City Hall, Hong Kong in 1996.
3. Scene of opening reception of the exhibition New Horizon in Art – Installation at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre in 1996.
4. Scene of opening reception of the exhibition Diving from Memory at Para/Site Art Space (Western District, Hong Kong) in 1996.

The second video features Leung Mee-ping art works (1999 – 2000); they are:
1. Memorize the Future (Running Time Approx. 04:48 mins);
2. The Enhanced (Running Time Approx. 06:12 mins), which is a sculpture that depicts a wax couple who are having an intercourse. The intercourse couple’s skin is flayed and placed in the centre of an entirely creamy yellow space;
3. Untitled (Running Time Approx. 02:35 mins), the video depicts a hair-hat that is made of collected hair globally.
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