This is the catalogue of a solo exhibition of Yang Jiechang, featuring the installation Screws which is made up of materials including screws, plaster and calligraphy.

'The installation shows an approach to art, tradition and life so typical for Yang Jiechang, that maybe described as having the following aspects: action, ambivalence, subversion, deconstruction, sublimation of the self and transcendence. Yang creates in "Screws" a situation in which the very first contact with his work is a sensual experience, that involves the whole being and profoundly disturbs one's perception: The screws in his installation, that in allusion to the socialist saying, that everybody is a screw in the machinery of socialism, imply a passive and functional attitude, are in fact pointed nails, having no obvious function. These are no longer passive and easy to handle tools but incalculable agents, making one aware of a latent danger. Besides their metaphorical aspect they imply aggression. Moreover the plaster signifies eventual injury. (excerpt from essay written by Martina Koeppel-Yang.

Artist biography is provided in the back.

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Another Turn of the Screw - Martina KOEPPEL-YANG, 楊天娜
Yang Jiechang: Another Turn of the Screw
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Yang Jiechang: Another Turn of the Screw, 楊詰蒼:再擰一圈螺絲釘