Yee I-Lann is a Malaysian artist whose practice is centred around the use of photographic imagery as elements of visual text, re-contextualised, stitched together, layered as signifiers of memory, landscape, personal and social histories, emotional and political affiliations. Isobel Crombie writes in her essay, 'Yee's relationship to time becomes fluid as she charts specificities within the frame and suggests narratives that may exist beyond. She uses ambivalences of the photographic language to address the hybrid nature of contemporary life and, in the process, brings our attention to complex ideas of identity and place.'

Fluid World is presented as a storybook of Yee's work over the past 17 years, charting the narratives she has developed in its exploratory course. It also introduces deeper readings and contextualisations from other disciplines of the issues raised in these narratives, and includes the artist's own glossary of the culturally specific terms and motifs she uses. With artist biography and selected bibliography.
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YEE Ilann

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Introduction - Beverly YONG
Signs and Wonders: Photography and Yee I-Lann - Isobel CROMBIE
A Sense of Place and a Sense of Home: An Interview with Yee I-Lann - Huzir SULAIMAN
Southeast Asian Roads to Dystopia? - Dave LUMENTA
Orang Besar, Bodies Politic and Political Struggle in Malaysia: Anthony Milner in Conversation with Yee I-Lann - Anthony MILNER
Yee I-Lann: Fluid World
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Yee I-Lann: Fluid World