'Collection of critical essays of the works by Hong Kong painter Yeung Tong Lung. This publication includes his paintings of Hong Kong's urban landscape and the daily life of its ordinary citizens from 2000 onwards, featuring writings by seven local artists, scholars and art critics, in which they discuss the aesthetic exploration in Yeung Tong Lung's paintings, and guide readers in the appreciation of Yeung's images full of visual details and associations, and to experience the intimate relationship between his art and Hong Kong life.' - excerpt from the book back

'More than a catalogue, through this publication we wish to provide the readers with different levels of interpretation by way of the professional knowledge of our writers. The sequence of the essays, arranged like the plot of a story, brings the readers along in the appreciation of the painter's efforts in artistic logical thinking and sentimental atmosphere, a collective experience that is quintessentially Hong Kong. In addition, sketches made by Yeung Tong Lung as he was conceiving his paintings reflect the process of composition and characterisation, and are appreciable drawings in their own right. For which special purpose, sketches of his new work Mount Davis, 2020 are compiled in a separate book entitled The Sketches.' - excerpted from the Preface

The booklet The Sketches: Addendum of Yeung Tong Lung: JUST PAINTING published alongside this book is also available in the Archive.

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Just Painting
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Yeung Tong Lung: JUST PAINTING, 就是繪畫 楊東龍