In March 2009, AAA initiated Learning Labs to equip young people, aged 15-18, to think and talk about contemporary art, while simultaneously considering its relationship to the world in which we live. With the support of a team of university volunteers from arts-related disciplines, AAA’s Learning & Participation staff presented monthly Labs, facilitated by a different art professional each month, for a group of 30 high school and university students. The programmes were intended to empower Hong Kong’s youth to approach and perceive art with better understanding and appreciation and to create a platform for dialogue, exchange, and support.

Following is a list of topics covered in Learning Lab 2009:

Workshop |25 Mar 2009

Art in the Community
by artist Jaffa Lam Laam

Hong Kong artist Jaffa Lam shared her artistic development and stories about her residency experiences in Bangladesh. She also discussed the art of Southeast and South Asia with students, using related materials from AAA's collection.

Workshop | 20 Apr 2009 

The Changing Roles of the Museum
by art historian and researcher Stephanie Cheung

In conjunction with AAA's community project, 'Build Your Dream Museum Collection Everyday!', art historian and researcher Stephanie Cheung conducted a workshop to illustrate the historical development of the museum, encouraging students to think about the changing role of museums and their collections through interactive exercises and discussion.

Special thanks go to the lab facilitator, Keith Lam, and university volunteers, Hazel Cheung, Ening Yim and So Wai Lam.

Workshop |23 May 2009
From Tradition to Contemporary: China, Japan and Korea
by curator Nana Seo

Nana Seo is a Korean curator who has studied in Japan, worked in Shanghai, and is currently based in Hong Kong. By making use of her extensive cultural exposure, she led students though the histories of contemporary art in China, Japan, and Korea, considering the relationship between traditional and contemporary art, and teaching them to thinking about how the contemporary artist translates traditional language into contemporary ideas. 

Workshop | 6 Jun 2009
Conducting Research in Contemporary Art
by AAA Head Librarian Lydia Ngai

Lydia Ngai, AAA Head Librarian, conducted a workshop to demonstrate how to undertake formalised research on contemporary art and culture by using AAA's collection and online research tools.

Workshop |14 Jul 2009
by illustrator Li Chi Hoi

Hong Kong illustrator Li Chihoi asked students to consider the meaning, role, and possibilities of comics by discussing the history of comic art in Hong Kong, Chinese sequential art, and the development of comic art in Europe. She also examined the relationship between contemporary art 
and the comic. 

Workshop |10 Oct 2009

What is Contemporary Art?
by coordinator for AAA's Research+ Janet Chan

Janet Chan, Coordinator for AAA's Research+ department, conducted a workshop to develop students' understanding of contemporary art. The workshop addressed the issues of 'ARTefacts or ART', 'Stereotypes, Spectacles, the Gaze...', and 'Contemporary Art in the Dilemma of Global/Local'.

Workshop |31 Oct 2009

Art and Community
by artist Law Man Lok

Hong Kong artist Law Man Lok conducted a workshop at Wooferten oin Shanghai Street, Hong Kong on the topic of 'Art & Community: Field Trip vs. Globalisation'. He shared his views on the topic, and encouraged students to increase their awareness about the environment by exploring and photographing the Yau Mei Tai neighborhood, followed by a discussion.

Workshop |30 Nov 2009

New Media Arts
by artist Keith Lam

The meaning of new media art is continually changing. After seeing the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2009, students joined a workshop conducted by new media artist Keith Lam, where they were asked “What is new media art? " , by showing a broad range of electronic and interactive new media works at the artist’s studio. Students also interacted with a number of electronic artworks provided by Keith and made their own electronic artworks which connected solar energy with sound.

Special thanks go to the lab facilitator, Keith Lam, and university volunteers, Hazel Cheung, Ening Yim and So Wai Lam.

Special thanks to Lab facilitators and University Volunteers in 2009:
Alex Yu
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fine Arts 
Hazel Cheung and Ening Yim
City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media
Kenji Lau, Damon Lee, Charmaine Leung, So Wai Lam and Trevor Yeung
Hong Kong Baptist University, The Academy of Visual Arts 
Lily Cheng
The Hong Kong Institute of Education 
Lee Wai Shing
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education 
Crystal Chan, Brian Cheng, Joey Li, Li Sum Yi and Nadia Wong
The University of Hong Kong, Fine Arts 
Carol Ng
University of Toronto 


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