This publication is produced on the occasion of Chinese artist Tan Ping's solo exhibition of the same title at the National Art Museum of China in December 2012.

Showing one single work, +40m, which stretches into over 40 metres long, Tan Ping manifests his practice of abstraction that generates serious thinking and reflections upon the state of history of contemporary art not only in China, but also other non-Western countries, whose art's contemporaneity is often overdetermined by a hegemonic framework inherited by the ideological West during the (post)colonial era.

Includes interpretive essays, a timeline of +40m vis-à-vis Tan's life, a series of comparisons with other abstract works by Western masters, as well as his biography.
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1 hua | yi hua

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A Line: The Third Type of Abstract Art and Tan Ping's Works / 1劃 - ZHU Qingsheng, 朱青生
Picturesque Abstract / 繪畫性抽象 - PAN Gongkai, 潘公凱
A Line is a Line is a Line: Tan Ping's Play with the Dissolution of Boundaries and Infinity / 一綫即一綫即一綫-遊戲於越界與無窮間 - Alexander OCHS
A LINE / 1劃 - TAN Ping (b. 1960), 譚平
Centre and Periphery: A Philosophical Reading of Tan Ping's Art / 中心與周邊-譚平藝術的哲學解讀 - PENG Feng, 彭鋒
Painting as Inner Action / 繪畫作為內心的行動 - Achille BONITO OLIVA
About the Line: +40m and the Artist's Experience / 涉綫:《+40m》歷史追尋-譚平個人經歷 - ZHU Qingsheng, 朱青生, TAN Ping (b. 1960), 譚平
+40m in the History of Abstract Art / 《+40m》藝術創造-抽象藝術對比 - ZHU Qingsheng, 朱青生
A Line: Tan Ping
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A Line: Tan Ping, 1劃: 譚平