'Access to Contemporary Korean Art 1980–2010 was conceived with the purpose of providing resources and coordinates for curators and researchers at home and abroad who are interested in contemporary Korean art to help them obtain a critical understanding and continue their inquiry.

Gim Jonggil, Sohyun Ahn, Hyunjin Kim, Binna Choi, and Seewon Hyun, who have been active in critical and curatorial practices, were invited to join the editorial board. They selected thirteen pieces of text by Kim Jiha, Kim Yun-su, Shim Kwang-hyun, Park Chan-kyong, Mo Bahc (Yiso Bahc), Park Shin-Eui, Lee Youngwook, Young Chul Lee, Jang Un Kim, Seo Dong-jin, and Shin Hakchul as key critical texts on contemporary Korean art along with the grounds for the texts’ selection, significance, and the importance. Together, the seventeen critical essays and interviews have been translated from Korean into English and included in this volume.' - excerpted from the publisher's website.

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I. What Is Realism? A Genealogy of Its Evolution — Selected and Excerpted by Gim Jonggil

II. The Postmodern Controversy, from Classification to Analysis — Selected and Excerpted by Sohyun Ahn

III. Cultural Change, Shift in Criticism, and Globalisation After 1989 — Selected and Excerpted by Hyunjin Kim

IV. The Language of Criticism, Lost and Forgotten Languages. What Is an Artist? What Is a Practice? — Selected and Excerpted by Binna Choi / Seewon Hyun

Access to Contemporary Korean Art 1980-2010
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Access to Contemporary Korean Art 1980-2010