Airplanes and Parachutes is a collection of texts on contemporary art by the late journalist and Art Basel Asia Advisor Jonathan Napack (1967-2007). The anthology includes more than forty texts originally published in venues including The International Herald Tribune, The New York Times Magazine, The Art Newspaper, Art in America, and Flash Art, and in catalogues of exhibitions including "Cities on the Move". The book compiles Napack's pioneering reportage and criticism on contemporary art in Asia - and particularly China - written during the decade from 1997 to 2007 when Napack lived in Hong Kong. Also included are several of Napack's best-known texts from the early years he spent as an art journalist in New York, and a selection of his culinary writings from the Asian Wall Street Journal. With all texts published in both in English and Chinese, the anthology marks the first time that many of Napack's writings on China will be readable by their subjects. 

With preface by Hou Hanru and foreword by Philip Tinari. Please note that there is a supplement booklet with short texts by Marc Spiegler, Ai Weiwei, Mian Mian, Yang Yong, Jiang Zhi, Cao Fei, Charlie Finch and Ou Ning. Also included in the booklet are correspondences between Napack and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

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Death and Destruction in Bangkok
Apotheosis of the Bogus
New York
The Wildenstein Family: The Secret Lives of the Dealers who Run the Masterpiece Market
Ross Bleckner: The Man Who Wanted to be Loved
Chelsea! It's the New SoHo! Maybe
Dispatches (The Art Newspaper)
The View from New York
Chinese New Media at MoMA: Stir-Fry Dispatches
Kyoko Chirathivat and Thilo van Watzdorf
People's Republic of China Celebrates Fiftieth Anniversary
China: The Cutting Edge
Hong Kong: Parks Matter Here More Than Buildings
Chinese Policy on Cultural Property: Turning a Blind Eye
Copyright Issues: Chinese Artists May Sue Venice Biennale
The Third Shanghai Biennial: As Contemporary as the Censors Will Allow
Report from Shanghai: It's More Fashionable Underground
Taipei Palace Museum, Taiwan: The Politics Between China's Peace Offerings Championing Chinese Art
Chinese Contemporary Art: Interview with Gu Zhenqing
New Markets: The Great Chinese Gold Rush
Airplanes and Parachutes: A Jonathan Napack Anthology
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Airplanes and Parachutes: A Jonathan Napack Anthology, 大飛機與降落傘: Jonathan Napack文集


《大飛機與降落傘:Jonathan Napack文集》新書發佈會

《大飛機與降落傘:Jonathan Napack文集》新書發佈會

2008年1月31日 (星期四)