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Chapter headings
From Historical Landscape to Historicized Landscape - GAO Xindan, GAO Shiming, 高士明
From Calligraphy to Landscape - Robert C. WATSON
Engaging the Past (Interview with Dinh Q. Le by Zhuang Wubin)
A World of Mystery - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
A Human Narrative - ZHANG Zhaohui, 張朝暉
The Layering of Self - Steven PETTIFOR
A Willingness to Engage - Jonathan THOMSON
Exhibition Reviews
Li Qing at F2 Gallery (China) - ZHANG Zhaohui, 張朝暉
Chen Fengxu and Wu Zhen at Joey Art Gallery (China) - ZHANG Zhaohui, 張朝暉
Conemporary Art from Pakistan at Asia House (United Kingdom) - Steven PETTIFOR
Chu Hing-wah at Hanart TZ Gallery (Hong Kong) - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Norberto Carating at Karin Weber Gallery (Hong Kong) - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Ham Sup at Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery (Hong Kong) - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Zhao Fang at Schoeni Art Gallery (Hong Kong) - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Essence at Air Gallery/Art Alive Gallery (India) - Uma PRAKASH
Sensuality at Visual Art Gallery (India) - Uma PRAKASH
Ay Tjoe Christine at Edwin's Gallery (Indonesia) - Carla BIANPOEN
Haris Purnomo at Nadi Gallery (Indonesia) - Carla BIANPOEN
Hamad Khalaf at Nadi Gallery (Indonesia) - Carla BIANPOEN
Seduced and Abandoned at Vanessa Art Link (Indonesia) - Carla BIANPOEN
Leonardo Aguinaldo at Galleria Duemila (The Philippines) - Gina FAIRLEY
SUSI: Key to Chinese Art Today at the National Museum of the Philippines, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, and the Yuchengco Museum (The Philippines) - Jonathan THOMSON
Multazam Kamil at The Aryaseni Art Gallery (Singapore) - Ian FINDLAY-BROWN, 義安房
Ian Woo at the Substation Gallery (Singapore) - ah ana Ja s
Rodel Tapaya at Utterly Art (Singapore) - ah ana Ja s
Trans Fashion Lab at Galleria Loft & Dart (Spain) - Steven PETTIFOR
Manit Sriwanichpoom at Kathmandu (Thailand) - Steven PETTIFOR
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Asian Art News (Vol. 16, No. 6; Nov/Dec 2006)