Book of essays centred around the theme of sound art and covers the various technical theory, historical background and philosophical approaches of sound as both an art and contemporary subject. The book is formed by four chapters: Sounds of Avant Garde, The Modernity of Hearing, Sound Machine, and Beyond Sound Art.

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Chao yue sheng yin yi shu: qian wei zhu yi, sheng yin ji qi, ting jue xian dai xing

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第一章 前衛之聲 (Sounds of Avant Garde)
1. 未來主義(Futurism)
2. 俄國前衛主義(The Russian Avant-Garde)
3. 達達主義(Dada)
4. 超現實主義(Surrealism)
5. 皮耶.夏飛、皮耶.亨利 (Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry)
6. 許鐸克豪森(Karlheinz Stockhausen)
7. 謝納奇斯(Iannis Xenakis)
8. 聲音詩(Sound Poetry)
9. 原生音樂(Musique Brute)
10.激浪前後(Fluxus and It’s Contemporaneousness)
11. 龐克運動(Punk Movement)
12. 工業音樂(Industrial Music)
13. 日本噪音(Japanese Noise)
14. 科技電音(Techno Music)
15. 解構電音(Electronic Deconstructive Music)
16. 聲音裝置(Sound Installation)
17. 音景(Soundscape)
第二章 聽覺現代性(Modernity of Hearing)
1. 視覺主體(Visual Subjectivity)
2. 聽覺主體(Hearing Subjectivity)
3. 前衛之聲與擴張聽覺(Sounds of Avant Garde and Listening Expansion)
第三章 聲音機器(Sound Machine)
1. 聲音機器(Sound Machine)
2. 通用機器(General Machine)
3. 傳輸機器(Transmission Machine)
4. 紀錄機器(Recording Machine)
5. 合成機器(Synthesis Machines)
第四章 超越聲音藝術(Beyond Sound Art)
1. 超越聲音藝術
(Beyond Sound Art: The Avant Garde, Sound Machines, and the Modernity of Hearing)
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Beyond Sound Art: The Avant Garde, Sound Machines, and the Modernity of Hearing, 超越聲音藝術:前衛主義、聲音機器、聽覺現代性