Chang Chengjen has been working on Acrylic and photo collages, putting ready-made objects in frames, which he draws from modern daily life, such as bins, cans, newspaper, wrapping boxes and brushes. Adoption of these mass produced objects originated in his interest in social matters, as Jiang Yenchou points out in his article and sites him as a ‘social art observer’ and a ‘Metropolitan litterateur in Taiwan’, as others had done previously. This catalogue includes essays by Jiang Yenchou and Yang Chi in Chinese, and a biography of the artist in both Chinese and English. With preface from the Chairman of the Cultural Bureau of the Taipei County Government.
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- CHIANG Yenchou, 江衍疇

航向當代世界—評張正仁2001年個展 ‘潛行者之塵世航行’

- YANG Chi, 楊墀

Chang Cheng Jen
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Chang Cheng Jen, 張正仁