'In recent years, there has been increased debate about the incorporation of pedagogy into art and curatorial practice — about what has been termed the "educational turn". In this companion volume to the critically acclaimed Curating Subjects, artists, curators, critics and academics respond to this widely recognised sense of art's paradigmatic re-orientation towards the educational. Consisting primarily of newly commissioned texts, from interviews and position statements to performative texts and dialogues, Curating and the Educational Turn also includes a small number of previously published writings that have proved pivotal in the debate so far. This anthology presents an essential enquiry for anyone interested in the cultural politics of production at the intersections of art, teaching and learning.' —Occasional Table (back cover)

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Control I'm Here: A Call for the Free Use of the Means of Producing Communication, in Curating and in General - Jan VERWOERT

Turning - Irit ROGOFF

Weberian Lessons: Art, Pedagogy and Managerialism - Dave BEECH

Letter to Jane (Investigation of a Function) - Simon SHEIKH

Wonderful Uncertainty - Raqs Media Collective

Education Aesthetics - Andrea PHILLIPS

'Education, Information, Entertainment': Current Approaches in Higher Arts Education - Ute Meta BAUER

An Aesthetic Education Against Aesthetic Education - Stewart MARTIN

A Simple Turn: Notes on an Argument - Hassan KHAN

Between a Pedagogical Turn and a Hard Place: Thinking with Conditions - Jana GRAHAM

Some Turn and Some Don't (On Set-Ups) - Edgar SCHMITZ

Exhibition to School: unitednationsplaza - Anton VIDOKLE

The Angry Middle-Aged: Romance and the Possibilities of Adult Education in the Art World - Tirdad ZOLGHADR

Educational Turns Part One - Liam GILLICK

Education with Innovations: Beyond Art-Pedagogical Projects - Peio AGUIRRE

Experiments in Integrated Programming - Sally TALLANT

Introduction to The Paraeducation Department - Annie FLETCHER, Sarah PIERCE

'Please Teach Me...' Rainer Ganahl and the Politics of Learning - William KAIZEN

Teaching without Teaching - Daniel BUREN, 布倫達尼爾, Wouter DAVIDTS

To Whom the Past No Longer, and Not Yet the Future, Belongs: A Response to a Letter - 16 Beaver Group

Spaces of Unexpected Learning 2 - Annette KRAUSS, Emily PETHICK, Marina VISHMIDT

A Dialogue on Art School - Conford & Cross

Twist and Shout: On Free universities, Educational Reforms and Twists and Turns Inside and Outside the Art World - Eva EGERMANN, Marion VON OSTEN

School of Thought - David BLAMEY, Alex COLES

Stand I Don't - Charles ESCHE

Start with a Table... - Charles ESCHE

Latent Essentialisms: An E-mail Exchange on Art, Research and Education - Tom HOLERT

Curating and the Educational Turn
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Curating and the Educational Turn


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