'Jungle' is an exhibition project launched and co-curated by Platform China, Beijing, on view from 6 March to 16 May 2010. 'Jungle stands here as a metaphor, an image to describe the patterns of this show, it indicates an ongoing investigation into the state of Chinese contemporary art trends, it introduces the mature tendencies of a more and more optimistic youth art.' - from organizer's website

Works by 74 participating artists and artist groups are featured on this disc.
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BI Jianye, 畢建業

CHEN Shaoxiong, 陳劭雄

CHEN Wei, 陳維

CHEN Xiaoyun, 陳曉雲

CHEN Zhou, 陳胄

CHENG Ran, 程然

CHOU Xiaofei, 仇曉飛

Double Fly Art Center, 雙飛藝術中心

DUAN Jianyu, 段建宇

GUO Xi, 郭熙

HE An, 何岸

HU Jieming, 胡介鳴

HU Xiaoyuan, 胡曉媛

HUANG Liang, 黃亮

JIA Aili, 賈藹力

JIANG Zhi, 蔣志

JIN Feng, ﹝小﹞金鋒

JIN Shan, 靳山

JIN Shi, 金石

KAN Xuan, 闞萱

LI Dafang, 李大方

LI Qing, 李青

LI Songsong, 李松松

LI Yongbin, 李永斌

LIANG Wei, 梁偉

LIAO Guohe, 廖國核

LIN Tianmiao, 林天苗

LIU Ding, 劉鼎

LIU Wei, 劉韡

LIU Weijian, 劉唯艱

LU Chunsheng, 陸春生

LU Lei, 陸磊

LU Yang, 陸揚

MA Xiaoxiao

MadeIn Company, 沒頂公司

PAK Sheungchuen Tozer, 白雙全

PENG Yu, 彭禹

QIN Qi, 秦琦

QIN Siyuan, 秦思源

QIU Anxiong, 邱黯雄

SHI Jinsong, 史金淞

SHI Qing, 石青

SHI Yong, 施勇

SUI Jianguo, 隋建國

SUN Xun, 孫遜

SUN Yuan, 孫原

TANG Maohong, 唐茂宏

Vitamin Creative Space

WANG Gongxin, 王功新

WANG Guangle, 王光樂

WANG Jianwei, 汪建偉

WANG Liang, 王亮

WANG Ningde, 王寧德

WANG Qingsong, 王慶松

WANG Sishun, 王思順

WANG Wei, 王衛

WANG Xingwei, 王興偉

WANG Yin, 王音

WU Junyong, 吳俊勇

XIAO Bo, 蕭搏

XIAO Yu, 蕭昱

YANG Fudong, 楊福東

YANG Zhenzhong, 楊振中

ZHANG Ding, 張鼎

ZHANG Enli, 張恩利

ZHANG Hui, 張慧

ZHANG Liaoyuan, 張遼源

ZHANG Peili, 張培力

ZHANG Yuan, 張遠

ZHAO Yang, 趙洋

ZHENG Guogu, 鄭國谷

ZHOU Xiaohu, 周嘯虎

ZHOU Yilun, 周軼倫

ZHU Yu, 朱昱

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Jungle: A Close Up Focus on Chinese Contemporary Art Trends