This issue of Kaikodo Journal features the exhibition of Taiwanese artist Yu Peng. Essays providing a background to the understanding of Taiwanese modern and contemporary art, which helped shaped the art of Yu Peng, are included here. The following excerpt is quoted from the essay written by Wang Chiachi:

'The present one-man exhibition, titled "A Modern Odyssey: New York by Yu Peng", contains works that in whole or part expressed his feelings on visiting scenic areas on the mainland. In terms of the normalcy of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, Yu Peng's creation of scenes and conceptions of layout in part broke with tradition, particularly in his application of the flowing spatial movements usually used across a handscroll in the composition of long, narrow vertical hanging scrolls ... Based on extensive studies of the techniques employed by traditional ink painters, Yu Peng's brushwork is undeniably unorthodox, and possibly lacks their art of composition, one could sometimes even call it "bad painting". But in this case it appears orthodox since his use of the horizontal and vertical in this way has its own rules, forms and narrative. However, this gives his works a striking modernity; at times one can even discern the artistic style of Western post-modernism.'
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Voicing an Identity

- LEE Yulin, 李玉玲

Representing Culture: Notes on the Yu Peng1998 Kaikodo One-man Show (Both the English and Chinese versions are included)

- WANG Chiachi Jason, 王嘉驥

Yu Peng and his Universe

- Arnold CHANG, 張洪

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Kaikodo Journal VIII - Yu Peng