The project title, Materia Prima (first material) is drawn from ancient Chinese painting principle "from material (nature) to shape" that sees materiality as a significant factor in the formation of a picture. Based on this idea, unique qualities and characteristics of similarity between the two cities of Hong Kong and Melbourne and their respective cultures provide the reference points for the work in the exhibition. Materia Prima is a two-part project where Hong Kong artists visit Melbourne and Melbourne artists visit Hong Kong. The artists from both countries are asked to negotiate the cultural and geographical contexts to produce their work on site in the respective gallery spaces. Catalogue includes artist statements about their works.

是次活動的英文標題是Materia Prima」(意謂「原始物質」) ,其靈感源於「應物象形」這種傳統的中國繪畫理論,這派學說是指寫景狀物應先求形似。在這種理論基礎上,香港和墨爾本這兩個城市的獨特風貌、近似之處及本土文化成為了參展作品的創作基點。「應物象形」這項活動可分為兩部分,那便是安排香港和墨爾本兩地的藝術家進行實地交流和考察。然後,主辦單位要求他們綜合考慮兩地的文化和地域因素,並在畫廊實地完成創作。本圖錄亦載有參展藝術家的創作自述。
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In and Out of Focus

- Brett JONES

Exchange of Art? Art of Exchange?

- LEUNG Chiwo Warren, 梁志和

Materia Prima
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Materia Prima, 應物象形