Catalogue of solo exhibition by Zhang Xiaotao at Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University, Beijing in 2008. A chronology of Zhang's life is provided.
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When the Last Things Come Before the Latest Things - Lorenzo Sassoli DE BIANCHI
Materialistic Decay - Manfred SCHNECKENBURGER
Re-understanding of Zhang Xiaotao's Multidimensional Illustrative Space - YUAN Gong, 原弓
I'm Trying to be a Cross Cultural Stowaway... - XU Tianjin, 徐天進, YUAN Gong, 原弓, ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Letter from Zhang Xiaotao to Art Historian Lu Peng
Excerpt from 'From New Figurative to New Painting' - LV Peng, 呂澎
Sagya Monastery
Nirvana in this Life and the Next - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤, ZHANG Jianlin, 張建林
Seeking the Splendor of the Past: Excavating Sakya Northern Temple - ZHANG Jianlin, 張建林
Shifting Multiple Worlds and Images - XU Tianjin, 徐天進, ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤, PENG Feng, 彭鋒
The Chant of the Spirit, the Dark River that Crosses Time - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤, B6
Desires Without Limits: The Recent Works of Zhang Xiaotao - David SPALDING, 丁達韋
The Painting Antibody - A light analysis of linguistic traits in Chinese contemporary new painting - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
From Simple Smear to Complex Layering: On the double-layer encoding of visual design and the image in contemporary art - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Symposium: Cross-Disciplinary Thinking on Contemporary Art
Return from Pilgrimage - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Star-lit Nights of Sizzling Passion - ZHANG Xiaotao, 張小濤
Rebirth: Zhang Xiaotao Solo Exhibition
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Rebirth: Zhang Xiaotao Solo Exhibition, 重生: 張小濤個展